My name is Art Norris. I am the 191st WATERKEEPER® in the world.
My title is

Together we can continue to make an impact and defend all of our rights
to clean water and a healthy environment. Please join us in our fight.

Concerned citizens like you cleaned up the Hudson river. 
We can do the same for our Mississippi
and area Quad City Waterways


Together We Can and Will Make a Difference



Quad Cities WATERKEEPER® now has a Board of Directors consisting of nine exceptional board members:


Board Member and Chairman of the Board: Sarah Ford
Graduate of St. Ambrose College; has minor degree in environmental studies; correspondent for The Dispatch and frequent contributor to the Radish Magazine; elected official (Port Byron Township Clerk); Water Sentinel for local Sierra Club
President: Bob Zesiger
Bob is an elected official (4th Ward Alderman, city of Silvis); WW II & Korea veteran; B.A. Degree from Iowa State University; Masters Degree from Bradley University; retired teacher; home builder; strong environmental activist
Vice President: Jonah Hines
Jonah served five years in the United States Navy. He was an Avionics Electronics Technician. He received the Naval Achievement Medal in 2007 for his service while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Pacific Command Contingency Operations. He currently possesses the FCC General Radio Operator License with Radar Endorsement and also has Electro Mechanical and Sustainable Energy Certifications. Jonah is currently a full time college student planning on graduating with his degree in Electrical Engineering with a point of focus in renewable energy system.
Treasurer: Courtney Riecke
Miss Riecke is the mother of one child. She comes from a long family history of American farmers from the great state of Iowa. Miss Riecke’s grandfather was instrumental in starting Scott County park in Davenport Iowa. She is also a great advocate for our environment and has repeatedly worked at the preservation of our trees for the benefit of our children’s future, nature, and wildlife.
Board Member: Doug May
Highly successful Quad Cities businessman; runs several printing companies; marketing genius
Board Member: Susan Allison
Graduate of Western Illinois University; semi-retired police dispatcher; has been a wildlife rehabber since 1995; strong environmental activist
Secretary: OPEN
Board Member: Matthew Case
Served in US Coast Guard for 6 1/2 years; upon discharge he received a Commandant's Letter of Commendation for Meritorious Service; grew up on the Mississippi River and is dedicated to its preservation; practical, hands-on experience on the water and with vessels
Board Member: Art Norris

Quad Cities Waterkeeper®; grain and livestock farmer; welder;
professional photographer; led the opposition to Triumph Foods' efforts to build hog slaughterhouse on an area wetland; founded Quadcities Citizens Against Triumph (Q-CAT) http://www.freewebs.com/qcatil/





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